For the past 10 years, Safe Havens has brought together an expanding network of artists, writers, journalists, NGOs, lawyers, institutes, shelter cities, funders, and inter-governmental organisations at the Safe Havens Conference. This collaborative effort, in close partnership with local entities, has provided a safe and creative meeting place for the Arts Rights Justice sector. However, due to funding issues, the conference will be paused this year.

Safe Havens Conference 2023 Photo by Fredrik Elg

Safe Havens Conference 2023
Photo: Fredrik Elg

The SH|FT board and team are taking this pause as an opportunity to reflect, interact with partners, focus on reporting and funding applications, and deeply consider their future role. The first decade has been intense, fueled by pro bono efforts and a deep passion for the work. Safe Havens Conference is known for its focus on results over prestige, fostering a space where all participants feel equal and inspired to share and learn. Many friendships and collaborations have grown from these gatherings.

As Safe Havens restructures and makes plans for the next 10 years, they welcome input and ideas from the community. The team is planning a conference in Southeast Asia next year. Exciting news regarding the time and specific location for the 2025 Safe Havens summit will be shared in the coming months.

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